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Intermediate frequency power supply

  • Intermediate frequency power supply

1, introduction:
This series of products using microcomputer intelligent power control, intelligent control of intermediate frequency power supply is the intermediate frequency power supply at home and by far the most advanced control system, full digital rectifier and inverter control, high control precision, produce can effectively suppress the harmonic, can make the solid power supply work close to the ideal state, and does not change with time and temperature change.Unique intelligent power control technology of real-time control of the inverter angle to make it keep in the best working condition, ensure the solid power in more than 90% time the rated output power so as to shorten the melting time, reduce energy consumption.Unique over-voltage, over-current protection system, capable of rapid protection equipment, avoid the equipment damage.
Specific functions as follows: automatic frequency tracking; system working in the resonant state; zero voltage (or sweep) soft start, start a success and no impact current; intelligent control, quasi constant power output, fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency, short heating time, the metal surface is not easy to oxidation; current limit, limit voltage, over current, over voltage, under pressure, lack of equal protection function; the equipment is easy to operate, easy to repair kit is simple, with high reliability.In the frequency range can be free to choose processing range and various configuration formed lines or automatic line, automatic control.
2, the scope of application of:
(L) atomization metal smelting, copper, iron, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal
(2) surface induction hardening, tempering, annealing
(3) induction brazing of copper, steel, aluminum
(4) the induction bending pipe
(5) induction heating metal
(6) die casting, extrusion, steel plate baking


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